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Policies and Procedures

Where do I send my rental payment?

Please mail all rental payments to: PO BOX 1942 Morristown, NJ 07962-1942(Omit the street address for faster delivery!)

Can I pay my rent online?

Not at this time. You can always arrange "Bill Pay" options with your individual banks.

What are Segal & Segal's policies if I need to break my Lease?

We do request a minimum of sixty (60) days written notice. This Notice to Vacate must be submitted in writing, and a confirmation of receipt is required. Please refer to your individual Lease Agreement for all terms and conditions.

What fees/penalties are involved if I break my lease?

If you terminate your initial Lease (within the first year), a standard termination fee is equal to one month's rent. After the first Lease is fulfilled, the termination fee is equal to 1/2 a month's rent. In both cases, you will remain responsible for all rent, until the commencement date of the new tenant's Lease.

When may I expect to receive my Lease Renewals?

We mail your Lease Renewals approximately ninety (90) days before your current Lease expires.

Can I bring a guest(s) to the pool?

Yes, we do allow guests at our pools for a nominal daily fee. A guest must accompany a resident "Pool Member".

Can dogs "visit" my apartment?

No, we do not allow any dogs on or around the premises. Please ask your guests to leave their dogs at home when visiting.

How may I submit a "maintenance request"?

Please refer to your community page for maintenance phone numbers. Routine maintenance calls will be answered during business hours. You can also submit a maintenance request online.

What about emergencies, such as "I locked myself out of my home"?

We have On Call Emergency Lines/On-site Maintenance 24/7, at every Segal & Segal community. Please refer to the directions on your property page.